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Helpful Modalities For Rehab

November 18, 2012

I remember when I was only new as a nurse I had this one patient that really became close to my heart. She was only 8 months old, diagnosed of hydrocephalus. She got admitted to our unit (referred from other hospital) due to an infected VP shunt. Her condition was not so good then that we were so happy to see her go home recovered after being confined for almost six months.

After  5 months, I accidentally met her mother again, I didn’t recognize her at instant but she introduced herself and showed me a picture of her daughter (our patient)..I almost cried to see how she has grown so pretty and healthy. Although she was no longer expected to grow like other kids but she looked well loved and taken care of. Maybe it was fate that brought her to me because during that time her mother was looking for a shop where she can purchase a Muscle Stimulator. Being also a graduate of Physical Therapy, I asked my friends if they knew where we could purchase one. Good thing one of my good friends replied immediately and encouraged us to Visit LGMedSupply Online or check out their online customer blog.

Among all the products showcased on the website, the LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator, caught our attention. It’s a two in one modality that makes you benefit from TENS Units for pain relief and Muscle Stimulators for muscle strengthening and toning. This product is definitely the one they were looking for. I was so happy to know that once again I became part of my patient’s care…her rehabilitation this time. May God bless her with good health and long, happy years with her loved ones.

Brought to you by your friends at LGMedSupply.

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